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ENL HUBBALLI: A trial run of Vande Bharat was conducted today from KSR Bengaluru to Dharwad and back. The train originated from KSR Bengaluru at 5.45 AM and reached Dharwad at about 12 PM. In the return direction it left Dharwad at 12.22 PM and reached KSR Bengaluru at about 7.20 PM. During the trial run, a team of senior officers from operations, mechanical, civil engineering and electrical department were present on board. Various technical parameters related to the electrical and mechanical equipments of the train set as well as the passenger amenities were observed/reviewed.

The distance between Dharwad and KSR Bengaluru is 489 km. The line between Dharwad and Bengaluru is fully doubled and electrified. Out of 489 km section speed has been increased to 110 kmph for more than 350 km by undertaking various engineering works in the last two years (Further work is under progress for increasing potential of the full section to 110 kmph). The Vande Bharat train set successfully ran at 110 kmph in those sections where the track has been made fit for 110 kmph.

General Manager Shri Sanjeev Kishore travelled aboard the train between SSS Hubballi and Dharwad stations and inspected the various amenities on board. He also took detailed feedback from the team of senior officers who had accompanied the trainset from Bengaluru during the trial run.

He interacted with media persons at SSS Hubballi station and brief them above the trial run. Responding to media queries he stated that the Vande Bharat Express between Dharwad and Bengaluru has the potential to reduce the travel time by 30 – 45 minutes as compared to other trains running in this section.

The time table for regular service and the fare structure are under review and will be decided soon. Said Hubballi South Western Railway Chief Public Relations Officer Aneesh Hegde.

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